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Board of Health

Utah Code Title 26A authorizes counties to organize local boards of health and each district has established one. The local board is appointed by county officials and consists of at least 5 individuals. In each area, at least 1 county commissioner or county executive sits as a member of this board. In the multi-county districts, there is usually one county commissioner or county executive from each of the participating counties, which results in a bigger board.

Utah Governance Committee

During the 2009 General Session, the Utah Association of Local Health Officers initiated legislation to equalize the distribution of federal grants. This bill modifies provisions relating to the Utah Department of Health and local health department responsibilities and was approved and became law in 2010.

Utah Governance Committee
Governance Fact Sheet

Boards of Health

Bear River Health Department
Central Utah Health Department
Davis County Health Department
Salt Lake County Health Department
San Juan Public Health
Southeast Utah Health Department
Southwest Utah Health Department
Summit County Health Department
Tooele County Health Department
Tri-county Health Department
Utah County Health Department
Wasatch County Health Department
Weber-Morgan Health Department.

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