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Local Health Departments

Local health departments may be single or multi-county agencies In accordance with Utah Code Title 26A; A local health department has jurisdiction in all unincorporated and incorporated areas of the county or counties in which it is established and shall enforce state health laws, Department of Health, Department of Environmental Quality, and local health department rules, regulations, and standards within those areas.

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• To prevent and control disease and disability
• To protect the individual, community, and the environment
• To promote, maintain, and improve healthy lifestyles

Utah Association of Local Health Departments

Coordinate statewide to plan and promote public health programs and activities that will elevate the general level of community, environmental and personal health; coordinate local health department resources with federal, state, and allied agencies; and provide leadership for maintaining and enhancing the delivery of public health services to the people of Utah.

Affiliates – UALHD has eight affiliate groups that work with the local health officers to assist in helping them fulfill their needs and requests.

Utah Association of Local Boards of Health

Utah Code Title 26A gives counties the authority to organize local boards of health and each district has organized one. The local board is appointed by county officials and consists of at least 5 individuals. In each area, at least 1 county commissioner or county executive sits as a member of the board. In the multi-county districts, there is usually one county commissioner or county executive from each of the participating counties, which results in a bigger board.


Utah Governance Committee

During the 2009 General Session, the Utah Association of Local Health Officers initiated legislation to equalize the distribution of federal grants. This bill modifies provisions relating to the Utah Department of Health and local health department responsibilities and was approved and became law in 2010.

During the 2015 General Session SB 248 was passed (Local Health Department Amendments) a similar bill to the previous governance bill. This time language modified provisions to equalized distributions of federal grants related to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and local health departments. It became law on May 12, 2015.

Utah Governance Committee
Governance Fact Sheet

Quality Improvement

Strategic Planning – Strategic Planning: How do public health departments know where to focus limited funds?
Community Health Assessment – What does public health in your community look like?
Community Health Improvement Plans – How can public health extend its reach into the community?

Statutes and Administrative Rules