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Strategic Planning

How do public health departments know where to focus their limited funds?

No one knows your programs, processes and procedures – and where your
weaknesses are – better than your staff. Strategic Planning is simply a matter of
documenting the purpose of each health department function and how they relate
to the 10 Essential Services of Public Health and the Utah State Health Improvement Plan.

Establish a Quality Improvement (QI) council with representatives from all aspects of your health
department and all levels of managers and staff. They will be your best critics, and
you’ll need their buy-in to move forward.

Look over your programs, processes and procedures and categorize them as
“Strengths,” “Weaknesses,” “Opportunities” or “Threats.” Choose a few items from
each area that can be built upon or streamlined, then adapt them into a 5-year
strategic plan by setting smaller, time dependent objectives to help you meet your
overall goal.